How to Find Your Top Songs, Spotify Wrapped 2022:


As the year involves a close, the favored streaming service has launched Spotify Wrapped 2022. you’ll remember at the songs, artists, and podcasts you listened to the foremost over the past year and share them with friends.

what’s Spotify Wrapped 2022?

Spotify Wrapped may be a yearly feature that shows stats regarding your listening habits over the last 12-ish months. It highlights the artists, songs, genres, and podcasts that you just listened to most. It’s a good thanks to look back at the year and share your music style with friends.

for private results, you’ll want a Spotify account, however everybody else can read a a lot of generalized version of 2021 Wrapped on Spotify’s website. the web site shows the highest podcasts and music on the platform over the last year.

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The way to notice Your Spotify Wrapped 2022

you’ll solely view your Wrapped 2021 results victimization the Spotify app for iPhone, iPad, and Android. If it doesn’t greet you once gap the app, you can look for “spotify:special:2021” from the Search tab.

the way to Access Your Spotify Wrapped!
Spotify wrapped 2022 is finally accessible – it’ one among the simplest aspects of the Spotify music streaming service!

What precisely is Spotify wrapped?

Spotify wrapped may be an annual Spotify feature available December first – showcasing all of your music style and stream creator information from the past year. It’ set on your Home Screen within the Spotify mobile app.
Spotify Wrapped 2021 is a information game created by Spotify to provoke customers to open up a Spotify premium subscription.

It undoubtedly works!

This experimental game may be a Brobdingnagian incentive for prime artists and listeners to remain on Spotify.

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this can bring you to the Wrapped 2021 landing page. faucet “See however You Listened in 2021” to induce started.

From here you’ll be observing an Instagram Story-like carousel of cards. Music can begin taking part in associate degreed you’ll be guided through variety of classes to showcase your listening habits. faucet the screen on the left or right to maneuver forward or backward through the cards.

At very cheap of every card may be a “Share This Story” button. faucet this if you’d prefer to share the present card together with your friends on social media. solely a static image of the card’s infographic are going to be shared, not the video clip.

choose the social media platform you’d like to share your Spotify Wrapped 2021 results with.
the opposite issue you’ll need to see out is that the “Your prime Songs” playlist. you’ll notice this on the Wrapped landing page as well. It’s your one hundred most-listened songs from the past year.

Wrapped may be a fun feature, and it’s one among the simplest reasons to settle on Spotify over other streaming services.
The Spotify wrapped results are the foremost anticipated event within the music industry!

does one keep music?

Submit your song, if i prefer it then I’ll add it to my Spotify playlist.
Spotify wrapped is very fun and entertaining.

faucet below to look at a reaction to Spotify Wrapped!

The way to See Your Spotify Wrapped

you’ll notice your Spotify Wrapped by about to the location Spotify created to showcase your own slideshow and may access this web site from any device as long as you’re signed in to the Spotify account that you would like to check your packed slideshow.

you’ll additionally find your Spotify Wrapped in your Spotify go after the mobile app throughout its year-end promotion. It ought to seem as a group of playlists supported the music you’re listening to. If you click on the title of this collection, you’ll see the whole Wrapped collection. Click on the highest banner to seek out your slideshow.

If you continue to can’t find it within the app, you’ll additionally click on the search icon in the bottom bar and scroll right down to find the carry icon. you’ll also look for “(Year) in packaging” and it should appear as a result.

What are Spotify’ top artists for me? does one need to get the songs and artists you’ve listened to the foremost over the past twelve months?

Follow three straightforward steps.

Launch an online browser on a computer, smartphone, or pill and find the Spotify Wrapped 2021 web site

Then, at very cheap of the site, you’ll find the “Login” button; click it. within the next step, you want to fill in your login details to proceed.

Finally, you can show all the artists and songs you’ve listened to throughout numerous months. Also, you’ll be able to discover the house countries of your favorite artists and also the songs and artists you’ve listened to the most.

If you don’t want awaiting Spotify Wrapped, you’ll check your prime songs, artists and albums any time with FreeYourMusic stats.


Spotify’ year-end recap generates a list of your most compete songs throughout the year. On the Spotify app, you can notice your prime Songs of 2022 list right underneath your 2022 final report.

In addition, users can have access to many a lot of new customized playlists.

Your prime Songs: This presents the favourite songs of users throughout the year.

lost Hits: it recommends fashionable songs from the 2022 year that you just haven’t listened to, however Spotify thinks you may like.

On Record: This feature highlights the foremost popular artists of the year 2022 (this feature is out there to users set within the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand).

If you would like to access all the Wrapped customized playlists, visit the Spotify Wrapped website wherever you’ll be able to access “Your prime Songs,” “Missed Hits,” and “On Record,” that may be a mixture of songs, artists, and podcasts you may like. It’ that simple!


Spotify Wrapped is out there to each premium and free users, however premium subscribers have access to badges that count as rewards: the Tastemaker if your playlists have gained enough new followers; the Pioneer once you have listened to a song before it reaches 50,000 plays; and also the Collector once you have added an oversized variety of songs to playlists. In addition, Spotify has ready special playlists for this occasion.


Wrapped is free on the streaming service at the start of December each year. Spotify bases the statistics on the listening behavior of its users on the info collected between Gregorian calendar month one and October thirty one of the past year. Thus, if you marvel if Spotify Wrapped does embrace December, the solution is “no”. Unfortunately, stats for Spotify don’s include the last month.

{how many|what percentage|what variety} MINUTES DID I hear MUSIC ON SPOTIFY IN 2022?

Spotify shows the highest 5 most listened to artists, songs, and podcasts. In your Wrapped, you’ll also see how many minutes you’ve got listened to music in total within the past year and that genre you listened to the most. All music and podcasts that you just listen to in camera and offline also are counted in the number of minutes.

however DO I have an effect on MY SPOTIFY WRAPPED?

does one perpetually listen to soothing tunes before about to sleep, or are you ashamed of bound guilty pleasures? Then hear these in a very non-public session to forestall these songs from being visible in your Wrapped.


By observing Twitter and a few forums like Quora, we are able to see that a lot of individuals are interested by their Spotify stats before Spotify wrapped shows up. So, if you don’t want awaiting your Spotify Wrapped, that is free just one occasion a year, you’ll use the FreeYourMusic app! at intervals this tool, you’ll additionally notice customized stats concerning your music listening habits (most streamed artists, albums, and top songs). however what’s best regarding FreeYourMusic Stats is that the incontrovertible fact that you’ll check it all year round. transfer the app and see your stats for Spotify now!

Access your Spotify Wrapped from previous years
At the tip of every year, Spotify presents Spotify Wrapped. With this, you can see your top songs for that year.

Here’s the way to see your Spotify Wrapped from previous years and save them:

Visit in a very mobile or pc net browser. If you’re logged in to Spotify during this net browser, it ought to show “Your 2021 Wrapped,” or one thing similar. If you aren’t logged in, it’ll show general top artists, tracks, etc., from that year.
to check Spotify Wrapped of the previous year, like 2020, replace 2021 within the uniform resource locator with 2020 (

to check Spotify Wrapped in the Spotify app, faucet Open from the highest of the mobile browser. If you’re on a pc web browser, click the center icon, which can reserve it to your library. Now, you’ll access Spotify Wrapped list anytime in the Spotify desktop or mobile app.

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