The Seven Best AI Courses

AI Courses

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a computer technology that allows computers to mimic human intelligence. Ai technology dates back to the early 1950s, and it has progressed significantly since then. The availability of more relevant information (data) and advancements in computing have helped explore the field. Software, apps, and computers that use AI can learn, analyze, and rectify themselves in the same way that humans do. Humans must initially set up the system and establish the set of rules to be followed (algorithms), after which computer programs evaluate data, identify patterns, and operate on what they find. As more data is received and processed, AI programs grow more accurately. Machine learning, which helps computers to understand and mimic human behavior by detecting data patterns, is a big aspect of AI.

Uses of Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is beneficial in a wide range of businesses for a variety of activities. It is used to operate virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, as well as to assist computers in determining spam emails. Routine tasks are already handled by machines. You would have used AI to contact a customer support person via a website chatbot or to search for a word on Google and have the search tool complete the word for you. AI also aids customized suggestions in online businesses and streaming platforms. Artificial intelligence in healthcare can assist clinicians in identifying possible medical issues such as cancers, fractured bones, and genetic abnormalities. AI also aids navigation apps in guiding vehicles around congested regions, banking institutions in detecting potentially fraudulent credit card transactions, and businesses in keeping better track of their inventory.

What is the scope of learning Artificial Intelligence?

Data analysts, software developers, computer scientists, algorithm developers, natural language engineers, research scientists, hardware technicians, user experience (UX) designers, and software analysts are just a few of the jobs that involve artificial intelligence. Some tech businesses hire people with names like AI engineers exclusively for AI jobs. Because artificial intelligence is used in nearly all industries, most firms want AI professionals to assist them in implementing the technology. Artificial intelligence is being used by companies in healthcare, retail commerce, tourism, shipping, banking, finances, call center, production, entertainment, automobile, kitchenware, and sometimes even animal conservation areas.

How to become an artificial intelligence engineer?

Pick an artificial intelligence course from the list of best AI courses online available. Once you go through the course, you can start your job search by reading job requirements to get a sense of the exact skills you’ll require. Industries often require a bachelor’s computer science degree for those looking to work in the artificial intelligence sector. To learn more about artificial intelligence, look for training programs and courses on subjects such as machine learning, data science, deep learning, programming, coding, statistics, robotics, graphical modeling, data structures, language processing, quantum computing, or cognitive science. Practical experience with artificial intelligence and machine-learning technology is advantageous. Once you’ve mastered the art of creating AI projects, post them on public forums to obtain feedback and attract potential employers. Keep reading since the field of artificial intelligence is always changing.

List of AI Courses

Here is a list of the AI courses online from Great Learning that you can pursue and master the art of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

  1.  PGP – Data Science and Business Analytics: You will get practical exposure to a real-time project under the supervision of industry experts, starting with an introduction to Data Science and progressing to Data Analytics and all in between. You will receive a post-graduate certification in Data Science and Business Analytics if you complete the assignment successfully.
  2. PGP-Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning: This post-graduate certificate program in machine learning and artificial intelligence will walk you through the procedures of creating a professional Curriculum vitae, participating in mock interviews to enhance your confidence, and preparing you to ace at professional interviews.
  3. PG Program in Machine Learning: Great Lakes University’s PG Program in Machine Learning offers a comprehensive program. It contains the most important Machine Learning tools, methodologies, and concepts. It is said to be one of the best Machine Learning courses due to its curriculum.
  4. MIT Data Science and Machine Learning Program: The course for the Data Science and Machine Learning Program has been carefully created by MIT experts to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to utilize data science approaches to achieve data-driven decisions. This course includes the most important business technologies, such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and much more.
  5. Artificial Intelligence PG program for leaders: Great Lakes and UT Austin-McCombs collaborated on the PGP-Artificial Intelligence for Leaders program, which includes learning content and tests generated by faculty who are specialists in Artificial Intelligence. All successful participants get a Dual Certificate from Great Lakes and The University of Texas at Austin upon completion.
  6. PG Diploma course in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence: This Diploma in Computer Science program is created and designed to provide industry-relevant computer science, AI, and ML skills.
  7. Applications of AI program: This course will assist high-school students (approximately around the age of 14-18) in understanding the AI environment, developing an intuition for how processes and methods should be applied in practice, and working on projects to gain a more profound knowledge of how data may be used to solve current challenges. They will also learn how to use most of the regularly used apps, webpages, and tools as a result of this curriculum.

Final thoughts on AI courses:

Online courses for AI and machine learning are available from several institutions. You should enroll in a Great Learning ai and machine learning course online. The course is proffered to you through an online platform, allowing you to learn at your comfort and at your chosen pace. These online AI courses are designed to enable you to continue your education while also working full-time. This training does not require you to resign from your job. 

These online artificial intelligence courses will show you how to construct your own AI and tackle unique issues in any business by combining machine learning, deep learning, and data science approaches.

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